Aveling & Lloyd

17 min. When played the last time these boys were a tremendous laughing hit. On this visit they got a lot of laughs but their material is rougher and not as good as in their old act. They have a bit of a sentiment finish that was well liked and brought them back for a couple of bows.

Frank Dobson

15 min. in 1. Works a little on the “nut” style and seemed to please fairly well.

Motor Boating

20 min. in 2 ½ -spl. Two men and two women in a good clean comedy act and went over big.

Joseph E. Bernard & Co.

20 min. “Who Is She?” Substituted for The Ramsdells & Curtis and went over big, Played here before, but proved a good repeated, getting lots of laughs and finishing strong.

Dickinson & Deagon

29 min. A very good comedy singing and talking set, although a little long. The girl works up the comedy in excellent shape and the man does an excellent straight for her. Thoroughly amused the audience and were forced to give a couple of encore bits.

McIntyre & Heath

27 min. f.s., These people well known comedians got quite a reception but did not seem to go over as on previous visits. Received quite a number of laughs and closed fairly good.

Dooley & Sales

25 min. They put over as big a hit as they have ever made in this house. They are using a lot of their old material but have freshened it up in spots and they kept the audience laughing from start to finish.

Santos & Hayes

16 min. A very good comedy act by two girls. They get a lot of comedy out of the difference in their size and figures and were one of the big laughing hits of the bill. Two or three songs are used and their finish in Buster Brown costumes was a riot.

Joe Towle

16 min. in 1. This boy works quietly but got a good many laughs and closed to a fair hand.

Joe Jackson

11 min. His act remains the same as ever but it proved a good laugh-winner. He got a liberal amount of laughs during his clever pantomime work and finished very good.