Rose Sydell’s London Belle’s

There are fourteen girls with twenty-eight of the best formed limbs in burlesque. The girls have twelve dressy changes, from a heavy style in the first part to lighter clothes in the burlesque. Miss Sydell first appears in a cream coloured embroidered dress with an opera cape that stamps her as one of the best dressed women on the variety stage. There are also the usual living pictures as a background for the pair
There are several pretty ones. (compositions) The Buckeye State Four, a "straight" singing quartet, are the foundation of the good singing in the concert numbers. In some songs their voices blend well; in others they lack harmony.
Miss Harte is a good lump of a girl and should be more particular about her blue tights. She is growing so fast the nether garments are splitting.
Cassie Bernard secures recalls in "I'll Let You Chew My Chewing Gum" through inducing the men in the boxes to kiss her. the girls building up a machine with revolving floral wheels on the side.
The opening chorus is lively, and it is a good working, well staged show. The story is connected, but some rather old comedy is introduced at times. Mr. Mack was suffering so severely from hoarseness that he could barely make himself heard, but his fun easily became evident.
Variety 1:2 (12/01/1907)