Ned Wayburn’s “Side Show”

The act opens in “one” with a black drop with an opening breast high to show to the eight people making up for the side show as various freaks. The scene changes to the main street- by the process of changing the drop and Harry Pilcer fills in the time for a change by the girls with an entertaining number.
Dot Williams made a pretty figure in baby clotes and carried several numbers delightfully. "Poor Little Old Rag Doll" was one of the best, although at times reminiscent of "Honey, Stay in Your Own Back Yard." There are ten special selections with lyrics by Edward Madden and music by Dorothy Jardon,
The circus grounds are next shown and finally a bathing scene. Six girls are used and beside making up in the first scene as the "dog-faced boy," "living skeleton," "bearded lady," etc., they havethree startling novelty numbers. One shows a sextet of undertakers on four foot stitls, another as three foot midgets and the final dance and song was a screaming farce. The girls appear in bating suits with rubber suits from ankles to wrists. They are slowly infated until the six slim and graceful young persons swell to the size of Mr. Huber's professional fat ladies. The dance that followed was funny even to the sad and blase orchestra leader.
Harry Pilcer heads the act. As a youngster, Pilcer gives promise of developing into a top notch singing and dancing comedian. He has four numbers with a change of costume each. Pilcer would do vaudeville a real service by passing his tailor's cards around.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)