Mysterious Crucible

Mr. Van Dorn gives a tedious explanation of each exposition, and while this may be required to heighten te result, it drags the act, which should be quickened and condensed, while the speaker ought to vary his speaking tones if possible, through inflection or modulation.
Mr. Van Dorn Claims that his interesting scientific experiments, or whatever he may be leased to term them, are not accomplished through the means employed in the "Magic Kettle" act. This may be so, but it is immaterial. It is the effect which counts in vaudeville, not the cause, and a cursory survey of the "Mysterious Crucible" in some of the happenings would bring a comparison with the "Kettle." Mr, Van Dorn's offering will interest the thinkers and mystify others who have not the solution at hand.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)