Moore and Yates

14 Mins.; One. George Moore and Francis Yates are offering a real comedy noveltiy in “one” in the dual female impersonation act. At the opening one fears it is just going to be of the ordinary type of two-acts; the none guesses as to whether one of the team is a female impersonator, and having settled that point, again settles back, prepared for the worst. Suddenly there comes an age and the act has you applauding. At least this was the case with the majority of the audience at the Colonial Monday night. At the opening the larger of the two men essays the female impersonation, carrying it through straight until the finish of the second number. The smaller is the meanwhile seems to be trying for comedy  at the finish of the second number the impersonator cuts loose a note in a male voice that wins the house. The smaller then offers a single number that gives his partner an opportunity to change to male attire  the order of things is reversed and the smaller changes to draperies and offers a burlesque impersonation that is a scream. The act will be a welcome comedy addition to any big time bill in any sport, even next to closing.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.9, October 31, 1914.