In Morocco

“Princess Lalla,” who might make a good Oriental dancer if the character of the house would permit her to, is featured. Her dance under a spot light of changing colors was a rather tame affair, particularly to the upstairs boys, who had seen te same sort of thing done more to their taste at Coney
The opening shows the Pasha's palace where the Moorish dancing girls perform and a sextet of acrobats go through several minutes of fast whirlwind ground tumbling. This was the best offering. Several of the men have splendid routine of leaping fests and somersaults. They keep to the usual Zouave quick time and perform their convolutions, some unusually intricate, in excellent shape. The drill is directed by the Pasha in Moorsih costume. At the end one of the Zouaves suddenly breaks from the ranks, knoking the Pasha down and carries off his favourite wife, There is a dark change to the palace courtyard and the wall-scaling is introduced as the soldiers give chase to the fugitive.
The act is an acrobatic and drilling arrangement with the usual wall-scalling as a finish.
Variety 3:4 (03/23/1907)