George Primrose and Company

The stage setting is pretty
and the singing of the eight has a pleasing minstrel flavor.
The opening is rather odd. Primrose and his company enter upon a stage so dark that they can barely be seen. This is doubtless necessary to bring out the illuminated back drop but it injures the effect of the entrance. Singing and dancing by the company fill the first few minuets, followed by a single dance by Primrose under the spotlight. There is no talk and a dancing finish took them off nicely, thanks to some fast work by several of the men and the remarkably quick “tapping” of Eddie Horan.
Altogether, however, the act is not much of a feature, aside from the name and prestige of the leader, but the immense popularity of the veteran minstrel man undoubtedly gives it no mean drawing power.
Variety 5:4 (05/25/1907)