Herbert Clifton

Herbert Clifton, female impersonator, received tremendous applause for his character impersonations. He has a fair voice for the work and pretty gowns, and brought laughs with comedy attire.

Edith Clasper

Edith Clasper and boys proved the class. With excellent dancing it went big. Miss Clasper is pretty, graceful and has an elaborate wardrobe. The two boys made a hit with interpolated songs.  

Florenz Ames and Adelaide Winthrop

Florenz Ames and Adelaide Winthrop, in “Alice in Blunderland,” brought laughs with their snappy comedy impersonations of Russian and Indian life. Closed to good applause.

Garcinetto Brothers

Garcinetto Brothers closed with novelty hat throwing, getting laughs by throwing large ball into audience. They were aided by a well trained bulldog and held the audience in.  

Bob Murphy and Elmore White

Bob Murphy and Elmore White stopped the show with new and original comedy. Murphy’s immaculate attire and clever delivery proves that has graduated from the role of a saloon entertainer. White’s singing and piano playing combines to make an ideal pair of the two.  

William Gaxton and Co.

William Gaxton and Co. appeared in an excellent comedy vehicle and Gaxton’s clever snappy style in the leading role scored a laughing success that justified a speech.  

The Cameron Sisters

The Cameron Sisters closed with their graceful and exceptionally fine team work in a neat dance routine and pretty costume changes with Edwin Weber at the piano. By injecting a comedy humber they held everybody easily.  

The Three Weber Girls

The Three Weber Girls are attractive and received a nice hand for acrobatics neatly offered in opening position following a rather indifferent impression made with a song beginning. Here their gowns were below the class of the act. “Mardi Gras,” last week’s headliner held over, was only moderately received.  

Tony Hunting and Corinne Frances

Tony Hunting and Corinne Frances in “The Flower Shop” wound up to a good hand on his smart dancing and her banjo accompaniment. Their talk in the shop skit was moderately sprinkled with laughs.  

Kitty Gordon

Miss Gordon, after more than a year’s absence, showed marked voice improvement. This combined with dazzling gown creations and a neat song routine brought astounding applause.