DeMille Comic Opera Company

Twelve people in the cast. The scene is set in a forest in France during the reign of Louis XV. “The King (Alfred Kappeler),invading the woods with his suite, including the Due de Richelieu (N. K. Cafferty) meets Oliva, a shepherdess (Mabel McCane), with whom he falls in love, preserving an incognito. His tender feeling being reciprocated by the girl, Richelieu attempts a separation and as a final recourse declares the King’s identity to the maiden, who immediately forswears his affections in a melodious singing finale.”
It follows comic opera lines without the comedy element. The men are of strong voice but the women are weaker. Miss McCane has a sweet soprano voice. Mr Kappeler is a better tenor than an actor.
"The Watteau Shepherdess" by Harold MacGrath and music by Fred W. Jackson
Variety, 3:2 (14/4/1906)