Justa Trio

“A Comedy Variety” — Man and two women; Colored; in Piano Songs and Dances. Open in one; then to full stage; 12 min. Went good.

Senor Westony

20 min. One of the biggest applause hits of the biggest applause hits of the bill with his piano selections. Offered a varied program with bits of comedy and this helped him considerably. Come back for an extra number and made a little speech of thanks.

Conlin & Glass

12 min. A lot of crossfire comedy talk used by this pair brought some good laughs and Conlin enlivens the act with his piano-playing. A couple of songs are used. Act closed to a good hand.

Herman Timberg

28 min. Assisted by Five Dancing Violin Girls. A musical comedy with plenty of flesh and color. Timberg attempts only a little bit of comedy but the production is full of action and music. An eccentric dance by the principal was a big applause winner and the violin-playing of Timberg and the girls brought good results. The piece is nicely staged and the girls wear attractive costumes. The act was a good sized hit.

Jimmy Lucas & Co.

15 min. in 1. Mr. Lucas has a pianist with him and put over his “Nut” material well. Went good.

“Motor Boting”

19 min. One of Billie Burke’s acts with four people. Use comedy talk and songs with a lot of old-time burlesque bits. An old-fashioned act but it got over with fair results.

“Married Via Wireless.”

23 min. This is a new tabloid musical comedy with some novel scenic effects and gives vaudeville an attractive sight act. it employs a company of six, has plenty of action and a number of songs which got over in good shape. It is very elaborately staged with a patriotic number for a finale and closed to a good hand.

Hershel Hedler

“Hilarious Hypnoist.” Man and woman; man coming from this orchestra. Act consists of comedy singing and piano numbers by Hershel Handler. 23 min. olio; went good.

Hawthorne and Cook

Hawthorne and Cook, with meaningless conversation and gags, received continuous applause, almost stopping the show. They close with various musical instruments.

Tom Patricola with Irene Delroy

Opening the second part were Tom Patricola with Irene Delroy, who sounds new as Patricola’s assistant. The girl plays nicely, and Patricola had no trouble. Miss Delroy has magnetism, she carries herself like a performer, and looks well. His finish with the guitar is one of the best comedy hits in vaudeville. At the matinee the two-act had been next to closing. Patricola worked them to death for bows, alternating, but he got them.