Countess Olga Rossi

She dresses in a manner that appeals to an American as most “Frenchy,” particularly the full bust, low-cut corsage and laced-in waist.. The scene of the sketch might be placed in Central Park for the appearances. There is a background of green fields, in the foreground of which has been placed an imposing looking soda water fountain in full working order.
The Countess speaks English with a delightful accent, but when singing displays one high note as her sole stock-in-trade. In her lower register she is ragged.
Countess Olga gives an imitation of Anna Held, formally announced in pure New York talk, by Paula, but neither the announcement nor imitation is necessary to the act.
With a busy press agent dreaming out Russian plots, the act should find good time. By itself it is a neat offering, with some novelty in the presentation, and does not become tiresome at any moment.
Variety 3:2 (03/09/1907)