Parisian Widows

The musical hit of the “Roller Rink” song, sung by Annette Wiltsie, with a small portion of the chorus on roller skates. She opens the olio, and makes a hit with “Willie from Philly” The Savoy Quartet, rather a good singing four, with young boys and one mild comedian, who did not attempt to overdo the comedy. The songs in use are different from those ordinarily heard, and so is the singing.
Two series of moving pictures closed the middle section, occupying the position Miss Wiltsie should ave had in its present make-up. In the “Johnny” number of Miss Mack's, men in the boxes are invited by the young woman to kiss her. It is a rather bold way to secure the approval, but she is encored, the house falling in with the idea of her refusing after the men express a willingness to take the chance offered.
Like all Weber & Rush's shows this is no exception to the pink habit the firm has acquired, nor is there much difference in the layout of the work.
Variety 3:2 (03/09/1907)