Clare Evans’ “Morning Glories”

Features Edwin Niner, Gus Alexander, O.C. Mack, Clare Evans, Babette, Harry Feldman, Chas. Banks, and Frank C. Holland. Music by John. F. Kneisel. The Raymond Sisters, two petite and charming young girls, are very agile dancers and scored. The Falners, bicycle act, did not appear Sunday night on account of Illness. Daisy Harcourt, added, sang her English songs, catchy and effectively rendered. She was encored liberally. The show Is an Innovation compared with the same outfit brought to view last season. Harder and Hall have given It proper attention both in equipment and arrangement.
Commands more than ordinary Interest, not that It Is absorbingly interesting from a technical standpoint, but for the manner in which the four scenes of the piece, "In Zululand," are environed, and the disclosure of appropriate settings and musical interventions giving the desired effects, together with the unaffected comedy elements sustained by the capable company.
Variety 13:1 (12/12/1908)