Champagne Girls

Charles Nichols in a 'dope fiend' role. Charles F. McAvoy was miscast as a rough. Marie Croix was the prima donna. Bert Mackey (female) was in the role of a grotesque. Marie Fisher also starred. Charles McAvoy sang "Brudda Sylvest" Olag La Mar sang "Visions of Salome"
Charles McAvoy's number "Brudda Sylvest" went very well, and Olga La Mar, a member of the merry-merry, won endless encores with a number called "Visions of Salome," the success of which depended very largely, if not entirely, upon a pretty strong "cooch" dance. The audience refused to grow enthusiastic about the olio, partly perhaps bec
"The Champagne Girls" sadly lack the "fiz" that should go with their title. Indeed, they are no more exhilarating than plain Croton, and luke-warm Croton, at that. The comedy bits of both pieces almost without exception went flat, and only the "numbers" and the chorus work availed to prevent a complete blank. However, bright dressing and endless activity go a long way to redeem the shortage of beauty.
Variety 13:4(01/02/1909)