Caroll and Hickey

10 Mins.; One. Joe Carroll saunters upon stage and quarrels with the orchestra that goes on strike. He suggests he could sing any old song if he had a piano player. Hazel Hickery, dressed as a maid, in rear of theatre, says she can play, and is invited to the stage where she is hired. She plays a good ragtime number, and also for Carroll’s songs. Each one makes a change in costume. They close with “Poor Pauline” in which considerable action is injected, although not enough of the right sort. Carroll has a good stage presence and puts his stuff over in a bluff sort of way. Miss Hickey’s chief assets are a wealth of red hair and a talent for the piano. The act went fairly well at the first show Monday night. Miss hickey was apparently nervous. After the act has been worked into some semblance or smoothness it will be right for the middle-weight time.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.7, October 17, 1914