Finley & Burke

Singing, talking and a little dancing; 14 min. in one. This act went fair.

Dunham & O’Malley

13 min. Young fellow and girl in a singing and talking skit. Only fair. Got very little return until their final number which was well handled and took them off to a good hand.

John Dunsmure

13 min. in 1. This man has a good appearance and nice voice. Tells a few stories between his songs and seemed to please.

Sammy Duncan

“Three Wee Laddie From the Land of the Heather” — Scotch Comedian; singing and telling Scotch stories. 13 min. in one. Went good.

Chief Caupolician

8 min. He cut his act down to two songs owing to having appeared earlier in the show speaking for the Liberty Loan. He made a great hit, however, and was given a big hand. His Loan speech was splendid.

Toomey Bros.

[New Act] Talking, singing, 16 mins; one. Comic with rubber tired cheaters. Straight in street attire. The former is carrying a Kodak which introduces long unfunny crossfire dialog about photography. After the straight solos, the inevitable ballad, more crossfire about a menu with familiar gags. A song is doubled, followed by a soft shoe double dance. The song is pleasingly harmonized and the dancing up to the average, but the material is of ancient vintage. This pair could handle dialog acceptably if they had the vehicle. Their present one is hopeless.

Gibson and De Mott

Gibson and be Mott, a singing and talking team, passed No. 2 with a fairly entertaining line of conversation and songs. The “before and after marriage” medley at the finish, although familiar, was well handled and pleased.

Louise Dresser

18 min. She was cordially received on her first time here in several hears. Sang several songs and told a couple of little stories, all of which were well received. She also made a speech for the Liberty Bond sale an went among the audience soliciting subscriptions. She registered solidly. George Gershwin assists at the piano.

Wilbur and Morris

[New Act] Talk and Songs, 11 mins.; one. Man and woman recently in from the west. The man is an odd type of comic and so small in stature which lends comparative robustness to the woman. Most of the routine is dialogue which won the team a laugh gaining score. For the No. 2 spot in the pep bills the act shapes up well. In that spot it delivered.

Rome and Wagner

Rome and Wagner were the inserted pair, not making very much of an impression with their conversation but picking up on the strength of a few high freak notes offered by the girl and her partner’s voice.