Connolly and Wenrich

Olio. 24 minutes. Miss Connolly dresses the act very fine. Mr. Wenrich at the piano, playing the choruses of a number of his own composition, is a big hit. Their last song introducing the third member of the act, is a big hit, and they have taken a number of encores. I consider it a very good act. (CHICAGO)

Rawls and Von Kaufman

Full stage. 20 minutes. Interior, closing in one. This many is very funny comedian, The woman is not good, – just about gets by. The act went well for us – plenty of laughs, but I would no recommend it too far down on the bill. (PROVIDENCE)

Burns & Fulton

In Terpsichorean Classics. Special plush drops, 13 minutes. This is a very good dancing act and did very well for us. It is hardly fair to criticise them too severely for the reason that Mr. Burns was ill and compelled to lay off a performance.

Hilda Thomas and Lou Hale

Interior. 18 minutes. Singing. An eccentric sketch. I was agreeably surprised at this act. Hilda Thomas and Lou Hale both know how to out their act over. They went big at every performance.

Don, the Talking Dog

15 minutes, with Loney Haskell consuming about 12 minutes of the time. I was rather afraid to play this act, but I am really glad that we out it in. I am sure it is drawing us some money and to my great surprise, they get considerable applause. (Louisville)

Cartmell & Harris

Singing and dancing. Full stage. Palace. 11 minutes. Just a neat little act with some clever dancing and piano playing. However, it is hardly fair to judge the act this week as both of them have been suffering from bad colds and had to lose one performance this week. (New York)

Mr. Henry Clive

In “Spirit Paintings.” Interior. 15 minutes. While this act is somewhat mysterious and creates some little talk, I am sure it is not worth anything like the money we are paying. Under no conditions, however, would I play it a return, and I feel that $250 would be a very good price for the act. (Harrisburg)

Dorothy Brenner and Joseph Ratcliff

17 minutes. Olio. A singing and dancing number. After all the good things I have heard of this couple I was really surprised at their failure here. They just get by and I am sure they are not worth the money we are paying them. (New York)

Clara Ballerina

7 minutes. Garden. Full stage. European novelty artist. This woman stands alone in her particular line. She is really too well known to need any extended criticism, except to say that she has just as good an act as she ever had.

Haviland and Thornton

17 minutes. Full stage. Special; close in one. Exterior. Presenting “A Question of Policy.” A singing and dancing act that I did not consider good. I am sure we would not care to play them a return engagement.