Rock & Fulton

20 min. Special set. Assisted by a company of ten people and a Hungarian orchestra of four. An exceptionally large production. I cannot say much in favor of this act. So far as the dressing and production is concerned it is better than anything I have had. The work of Rock and Fulton I do not consider as good as their former acts. However, it is an act, while it pleases, I am sure it does not draw us any money.

Amoros Sisters

21 min. Special. Garden, full stage. Songs, dances, acrobatics and physical culture demonstrations. A big hit. This act is exceptionally well staged and dressed and entirely different from any act we have ever played.

Howard & North

24 min. Special drop in One. “Back in Wellington.” as usual a big laughing hit.

Marion Littlefield’s Florentine Singers

23 min. Special, full stage. Close in One. 3 min. One of the best singing acts in vaudeville, taking a number of encores at every performance. I do not think I have ever heard better voices in any vaudeville act that we have ever played.

Wilson & Wilson

16 min. Olio in One. “The Messenger, The Maid and the Violin.” This is a very good comedy act and just a little different from the usual man and woman, singing and talking. I consider them good enough for No. 4 on any bill. They are really a big hit at every performance for us.

Gordon & Marx

12 min. Street in One. German Comedians. I would consider this only a fair act and I would not care to play it very late on our bill.

Hastings & Wilson

9 min. Special Drop. Garden. Comedy acrobats and eccentric dancers. I consider this an exceptionally good act. It has been going very good for us.


a great many times and he has never failed to make good. He is undoubtedly the best comedy juggler in the business.

Harry Atkinson

Olio. 13 minutes. Monologue of Nursery Rhymes, introducing his imitations of Musical Instruments. Mr. Atkinson is undoubtedly the best in his line. He is going very well in this place on the bill.

Henry Woodruff & Co.

Interior, full stage. 24 minutes. In “A Regular Business Man.” A very good sketch. Mr. Woodruff is a very good actor. The Company is fair. The salary entirely too high. I am sure that Mr. Woodruff is not strong enough named to headline a Pittsburgh bill.