For Fity’s Sake

29 min. f.s., Spec. This travesty is very well handled and got laughs all through, closing to a big hand.

Jimmy Hussey & Co.

18 min. in 1 1/2 , spl. This travesty on Military life is well handled by Hussey and his capable partner and they went over big.

Jeff De Angelis and Eva Davenport

“Just for Fun” 22 Mins.; One (4); Two (4); One (8); Three (Parlor) (6). A comedian and comedienne from the legitimate, both in vaudeville before as respective features, are now copartners in a travestied mellerdrammer and drama that takes up four periods while the derails are being worked out through the medium of a song to carry a thread of a story. The song is sung in two verses in “one,” while the other periods are the meller effect in “two,” when De Angeles is lashed to a board before a revolving sawmill, and the other during the time in “three” when a “Camille” travesty is used, the finale arriving when Miss Davenport, of large propositions, falls against and upon Mr. De Angelis, much smaller in height and girth. In between is some indiscriminate talk that deals with the action of the farces to follow, also Miss Davenport’s weight and De Angelis’ chances through that. Both principals are accomplished laugh producers in their own field. Together in vaudeville they can continue to amuse the audience, although having followed a very well beaten path in the building up on this act. It is only the art of this couple that could be deepened upon to get across the material they have, but they do, and for the prominence of the “names” in connection with it, may be said to have sufficient. Still the turn could stand condensing, in each period. It needs more speed than now contained. Eighteen minutes at the most would be plenty. When that is done, the De Angelis-Davenport combination if the managers will agree with them on salary, can go over the route once with the present idea.

Chas. J. Ross & Mabel Fenton

A travesty, full stage, entitled “Fedora’s Defence.” The lines of this act are very, very clever and it is well acted and while it is not the proper kind of an act to close a show, nevertheless it did exceptionally well in this position.


This act is closely patterned along the lines of the Gallager and Rolley turn—army captain and blackface private. The locale, however, is in the arctic regions, flying machine, icicles, etc., being painted upon the special set. The comedy rises through a constant play upon words, such as referring to the town of “Ask Me for It,” etc. The comedian has no dialect whatever, despite his darkened features and the straight man does not time his feeding to the fine nicety so essential to this class of comedy. The material they have is superior to its Interpreters.

Miss Hamlet

A travesty with a co. of ten people a little singing and dancing Audiennce [sic] did not get the idear [sic] of the offering so act did not get over. Went fair.

Violet Beacon

13 min f.s. This is a travesty on the high cost of living. The theme is pretty far-fetched dealing with the value of an egg a period of 50 years from today. The act scores a few laughs during its progress, but did not finish very strong. It was pretty well played.

“For Pity’s Sake”

24 min. A travesty melodrama in four acts given on a miniature stage. This offering in on the order of “Wronged From the Start” and “More Sinned Against Than Usual” shown a couple of years ago. The act depends entirely upon funny situations, the ten, twenty and thirty cent style of melodrama being broadly burlesqued. It got plenty of laughs and finished strong.

Charles Olcott

19 min. In an original travesty called “A Comic Opera in Ten Minutes.” This young fellow at the piano was a big applause hit. He followed his travesty with a burlesque piano number that left the audience applauding several minutes. As an encore bit, he did a comedy recitation that brought him more laughs and an extra hand of applause.

Henshaw & Avery

21 min. In “A Vaudeville Table D’Hote.” This well known couple offer a series of travesty bits composed principally of talk but with a song here and there. It was all well handled and got considerable laughter. Finished to a good hand.