Jeff De Angelis and Eva Davenport

“Just for Fun” 22 Mins.; One (4); Two (4); One (8); Three (Parlor) (6). A comedian and comedienne from the legitimate, both in vaudeville before as respective features, are now copartners in a travestied mellerdrammer and drama that takes up four periods while the derails are being worked out through the medium of a song to carry a thread of a story. The song is sung in two verses in “one,” while the other periods are the meller effect in “two,” when De Angeles is lashed to a board before a revolving sawmill, and the other during the time in “three” when a “Camille” travesty is used, the finale arriving when Miss Davenport, of large propositions, falls against and upon Mr. De Angelis, much smaller in height and girth. In between is some indiscriminate talk that deals with the action of the farces to follow, also Miss Davenport’s weight and De Angelis’ chances through that. Both principals are accomplished laugh producers in their own field. Together in vaudeville they can continue to amuse the audience, although having followed a very well beaten path in the building up on this act. It is only the art of this couple that could be deepened upon to get across the material they have, but they do, and for the prominence of the “names” in connection with it, may be said to have sufficient. Still the turn could stand condensing, in each period. It needs more speed than now contained. Eighteen minutes at the most would be plenty. When that is done, the De Angelis-Davenport combination if the managers will agree with them on salary, can go over the route once with the present idea.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.2, September 11, 1914