“More Sinned Against Than Usual”

A better title for advertising purposes that the briefer “Hazel Weston.” This travesty on the old-fashioned rural melodrama is not only unique but very funny. Our audiences simply howled at it. Has its own miniature stage and rather elaborate stage settings, snowstorms, etcetera, and burlesque illustrated songs between the acts. Not only is the act a novelty and well-written but admirably produced and with an all-round good company who are responsible for much of its success. 38 min. F.S.

Albert F. Hawthorne and Frank A. Burt

In 3 special back drop. Time20. A military travesty and dialogue. Rather stupid and rough. One good eccentric dance is about the only feature worth mentioning.

Monroe Hopkins-Lola Axtell Co.

2 men, 1 woman. Time 17. They present a travesty on the discomforts of travelling in 3 scenes—two in in 2 special back drops, closing in 1. Part of the comedy is good, but mostly it is very flat. The man is a fine eccentric dancer. The idea of the skit is good but the people lack the ability to make a “go” of it.

Ellis-Nowlan Troupe

“Fun in a Fire House.” A lot of people, good acrobats, doing a travesty of a lively, rough house order that is all right but will appeal most strongly at the Saturday matinee. Full stage.

Sammy Duncan

“Travesties With a Bit O’Scotch” — Singing Scotch song and Tolls Scotch stories. 14 min. in one; went good.

Sammy Duncan

“Travesties with a bit of Scotch” Act Went only fair. 17 min in 1.

James & Sadie Leonard

(14 mins.) The old-time travesty act this trio did many years ago, brought up to date by the injection of prohibition business. It is still a riot of burlesque low comedy and got lots of laughs.

Roberts, Hayes & Roberts

“The Villain Still Pursued Her.” This is one of the best travesties on a melodrama I have seen since Harry Hampton came over with “The Melodrama” some years ago. Before the right kind of audience the act ought to go with a scream but a goodly portion of the “wise” Monday jury this afternoon failed to get the numerous fine points to the act. Roberts was never funnier than as the “dying child” and the other members of the company were good. Attic in 3. Time 23 min.