Bessye Clifford

8 min. a pretty posing act that did very well in the closing position. The girl is the central figure of a series of pictorial slides and some excellent combinations are obtained

Bosseye Clifford

Bosseye Clifford started the show, but didn’t make the house forget the downpour outside. Her posings showed her pouring water from vases in no less than four different vases in no less than four different vases. She sure wears a classy union suit and shows more of it than ever.  

La Graciosa

15 Mins.; Full Stage. La Graciosa is offering a posing turn with the aid of lantern side effects and a cartload of scenery. It is entitled “Visions in Fairyland.” There are eight drops of scrim showing scenes leading to the inner circle of fairyland where the beauty poses. La Graciosa is a beauty of the brunette type, possessed of a figure which she exposes in fleshings. After the eight drops are slowly drawn up and the beauty is shown standing on a pedestal a number of slides are flashed on her which make her the center figure of views that seem to be enclosed in a frame. Some of the scenes are well worked out and very pretty, although the coloring is at times a trifle garish. There is a red-fire finish in the form of a “Let Us Have Peace” tableau that brought big applause. Several of the other views shown also brought applause Monday night, especially those showing the water scenes. One fault may be easily remedied. That was in focussing of the lantern. This means so much to an act of this sort every precaution should be taken to have it perfect in the matter of alignment. This act goes further in the way of effects that are brought about with the use of the lanterns. A rain effect and a snow effect are pretty and sure applause winners. The turn shows class.

Lyons and Yosco

Lyons and Yosco stepped out and went to work, not losing a soul and using only three numbers made it short and sweet, to give way to “An Artistic Treat,” a posing act of high merit.


[New Act] Posing, 12 mins; full stage (Special Set). Nahailda poses on a pedestal clad in a white union suit, stereopticon slides clothing her as a butterfly, sea nymph, woman standing in a leafy bower, woman on a sleigh in the midst of a snow landscape, etc. The act is practically similar to all of the numerous posing turns of its kind that have preceded it in vaudeville. Some of the slides did not fit over well at Keeney’s. This may have been because of faulty projection of the slides themselves. Nahailda is shapely and pretty. The act may have played around under another name, although the Keeney booker stated that name was correct. With a correction of the improperly fitting slides the turn will do nicely for the small time.

La Milo

17 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Settings). The famous poseuse of Great Britain made her first American appearance Monday at the Palace, New York. She is La Milo, exquisite of figure and artistic to a degree in her exposition of living statuary. Though in some of the posed pictures, La Milo is burdened only by the alabaster whiting for the miserable effect, the way it is done removes all taint of immodesty and any appeal to coarseness. While this phase of the Milo act doubtlessly disappointed those who looked for a sensational disclosure of the nude in art, everyone present at the Palace Monday appreciated that they were seeing a high-grade vaudeville posing turn, carefully thought out and well put on. La Milo did nine pictures, one a group of three, with La Milo in the centre, though this was left for the audience to decide for themselves, the principal poseuse not being identified nor distinguished in the group, excepting by her exquisite form. At the opening of the turn some moving pictures were sown of La Milo in Paris. She was fully gowned in these, wearing “clothes” and “hats.” Between poses, to fill in for settings, were “Cruickshank’s Sheet Lightning Caricatures,” a novel idea in bringing out sketch line drawing of America’s best-known men, but the outlines were decadently English in conception, the name attached to being the only proof of identity. Placed to close the Palace show, La Milo held the entire house at both performances, the matinee running until 5.45. as both houses Monday were capacity, this attested to a preliminary drawing power of the turn that nothing on the opening day’s bill in the theatre could dispute with it. La Milo should prove a draw over here. She may safely be depended upon to attract the classy set that is always on the lookout for this sort of thing when well done, also always anxious to see a woman’s perfect figure such as Milo possesses. This is a very big point on her favor, for a “classy act” with box office value means much to vaudeville nowadays. The common herd will also want to see La Milo, even though their crude ideas of nude posing are not fully carried out by her. Closing the first or opening the second half of the program would have been a more advantageous position for this number.

The Nightons

The Nightons closed with their posing turn. What remained of the audience appreciated the poses and applauded, but it was an impossible spot, especially for a quiet act. Opening intermission might be a preferable position for an act of this kind on any bill.


Regulation posing turn. Nihla, well formed young woman wearing pink silk union suit, stands on pedestal in front of white screen, while male assistant in balcony focuses series of colored slides on her with stereopticon. Slides elude usual flower or, butterfly, winter landscape effects and reproductions of well known paintings, with couple of “kind applause” patriotic subjects for finish.

Bobbie Gordone

7 min. F.S. A very pretty posing act by a pretty woman. All her pictures are new and splendidly done. The act held close attention from the audience in the closing position and finished to liberal applause. Made an excellent closing number for this show. Miss Gordone did not get here in time for the afternoon show and Wilson and Larsen, comedy acrobats filled the spot, doing fair.

The Five Statues

A very good act of posing and strong arm feats, but just why they bill themselves as five statues and only four work, other than the lady handling a couple of props, I can’t understand. I have changed all their billing to read, “The Four Statues,” and would suggest that other managers do the same, as the billing of Five Statues make them appear ridiculous. 9 minutes, full stage.