[New Act] Posing, 12 mins; full stage (Special Set). Nahailda poses on a pedestal clad in a white union suit, stereopticon slides clothing her as a butterfly, sea nymph, woman standing in a leafy bower, woman on a sleigh in the midst of a snow landscape, etc. The act is practically similar to all of the numerous posing turns of its kind that have preceded it in vaudeville. Some of the slides did not fit over well at Keeney’s. This may have been because of faulty projection of the slides themselves. Nahailda is shapely and pretty. The act may have played around under another name, although the Keeney booker stated that name was correct. With a correction of the improperly fitting slides the turn will do nicely for the small time.
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 5 November 1920