Eight Lunatic Chinks

Eight Lunatic Chinks, formerly the Eight Lunatic Bakers, but new wigs, new act, but with the same old routine, including the old boxing bit. A good flash for the small time.  

Johannes Josefsson

Johannes Josefsson and His Original Icelandic “Glima” Co., with their novelty wrestling, made a capital closer, the speed of the attack and defense contests between a wrestler and supposed footpads, holding interest for the four or five minutes necessary to put a finish on a great bill.  

Nakae Japs

Nakae Japs, three in number, gave an interesting exhibition in jiu jitsu. The method of self defense is similar to Icelandic offering of Johan Josefsson. One of the japs in a policeman’s uniform demonstrates how easily it is to topple over would be assassins armed with knives, revolvers and clubs by properly applying jiu jitsu holds.

Tomako Duo

Tomako Duo, male and female Japanese couple, opened the show, offering the customary foreign jiu-jitsu stunts, etc. that are more of less exaggerated in form. While the couple actually reveal the routine of jiu-jitsu work, the male member does more falls than acts ally necessary to accomplish the required results. It must be remembered that he is out there to disclose how foreign things are done, not to stage a wrestling affair.

Gordon Bros and Kangaroo

Two men in a bag punching exhibition, assisted by kangaroo for comedy finish. A very good act and could hold a better position. Gar. In 2—9 min.

Gordon Brothers & Kangaroo

Open with bag-punching, which is fairly good, finishes with comedy bout between men and kangaroo. Made a good opener with a strong finish. Wood in five, 9 minutes.

The Frey Twins

Well-known wrestling act. A classic of its kind, which cannot help but give tone to any bill from the standpoint of athletics. 8 Min. F.S.

Frey Twins

8 min. F.S. This is a very good athletic act, well presented, the boys giving a splendid exhibition of wrestling poses, ending with a wrestling match which brought big applause. Closed very well indeed.

Frey Twins & Co.

Two young men, who present an interesting and instructive wrestling exhibition, with the third member of the company explaining the carious stunts. Very good. 8 minutes, full stage.

Miller & Lyle

10 minutes in one. This team had hard work getting anything over, although their finish with the boxing match went very good.