Royal Mikado Athletes

This Japanese wrestling act was part of the Barnum and Bailey’s show and was thirteen minutes long on the full stage. The Royal Mikado have been brought over from Europe for the show. The performers do some fast Japanese wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. The act opens with two slim girls who do jiu jitsu with the male wrestlers. There is then a male-only wrestling tournament, in which the winner of each match faces the next person. The closing is a fight between the entire troupe, two at a time.

Robinson and Grant

“rough and tumble wrestle between a dwarf and a lump of dough supposed to be designed for a pudding”

Belle Gordon

“looking as young as ever, put in ten minutes or so swatting the punching bags. The act seems to be popular with burlesque audiences, and Miss Gordon is a graceful figure in short skirts.”