The Seebacks

Bag-Punching Act. Harry Seeback has added his wife to the act since last season. She makes a neat stage appearance, sings a song and does a little of the bag-punching. Seeback is certainly a master at his particular trade and he has an opening act that should please on any bill. Own drop in 3. Time 13 min.

Frey Twins

8 min. in three. This is an interesting wrestling act, two men making a very good appearance and using an elaborate plush drop. Act consists in wrestling poses and an actual contest, the father of the twins being the referee. Some scattered applause throughout and a good closing hand.

Jiu Jitsu

The audience seemed to be thoroughly interested in this act and applauded their various tricks. They were hampered some, by one of the men being knocked out early in the act. It is very quiet and to my mind should be put on the bill in a reasonably early spot in order to get the benefit. 12 min, full stage, 2 shows.

Jiu Jitsu

A demonstration of the Japanese art of self-defense by four Japanese and a Japanese lecturer, who also works. A great drawing card here and a mighty good act. A real novelty, and a very interesting act. 13 mins, spec drop in 4.