Vesta Victoria

The English commedienne had to sing her trademark for the final encore. "Poor John," however is Miss Victoria's str piece. The chorus of it was sung by the audience at the second verse.
"Poor John." "All About Him" is a seuel to the big song hit of last season, and the first selection, "Never Trust a Policeman," while comic, it will never be a large success here. "It Ain't All Honey" and "The Artist's Model" were reconllections of the past
The audience insisted upon it through two minutes of applause (the encore)
Miss Vesta has not lost any of her charm; she still remains the magnetic, pretty, buxom character songstress, the idol of the New York public, unexcelled and impossible of imitatio. Many try, but all failed.
Variety 1:3 (19/01/1907)