Francis & Elden

“The Stuttering Chauffeur” — Man and woman; Man and woman in songs and crossfire talk. 12 min in one; went good.

George MacFarline

25 min. A great favorite here and a big hit with a series of songs. All his numbers went over well and he was compelled to sing one patriotic number the second time. Closed very strong.

Whipple & Huston

23 min. “Shoes” A very good novelty, with a little singing and very well played. Entirely different in theme to anything we have played and was very well received.

Johnny Dooley

16 min. 1 & 2 2 1/2 . This boy has a nice novelty, single, and went over good.

Mme. Chilson-Ohrman

14 min. One of the biggest applause hits of the show. A brilliant vocalist who has selected a program to show her voice to the best advantage. An attractive personality also helps her to win favor and she made a very good impression, being called out for a little speech of thanks.

Belle Beker

17 min. in 1. Miss Baker has a very good selection of songs this time, and went over good.

Santly & Norton

21 min. in 1. These boys have some great songs and were as big a hit as ever.

Margaret Young

17 min. This is her first appearance and she held her spot in splendid shape. She sang several songs, two or three in character and all but one of them now. She had no trouble in getting liberal applause with each number and was brought back for an extra encore.

Sherman & Uttry

16 min. Man and woman in songs. Single and duet numbers are used with good results. They work in evening clothes, the girl making three changes. Did very well.

Mollie King

14 min. in 1. Miss King received a reception and made good with her songs and imitations. Went well.