The Song Birds

The score is built on themes from “Il Trovatore” and “Te Nieblungen,” and the effects achieved are brilliant. William Burress was a most successful “Hammershine,” Helen Bertram displayed her fine soprano voice as “Yelba” and Adele Oswold filled the role of “Emma Screams” pleasingly.
A satire on the grand opera war in New York, written by Victor Herbert and George V. Hobart, originally for a Lambs' Gambol and produced in the “Land of Nod.”
It is doubtful if the act will be appreciated except in cities where the audiences have at least some knowledge of the “battle of impresarios” but it was a strong attraction here and the closing number won several encores at every performance.
Decidedly of more than usual pretension as a vaudeville offering, the act introduces some excellent singing by competent artists and some musical gems by Herbert, who conducted Monday afternoon and evening, receiving ovations from a delighted audience.
Variety 5:1 (05/04/1907)