Ethel Levy

13 mins. in one. Opened with “The Gondolier.” Fanny Rice was the only other artist that ever offered it here. She then sang “If I Were Only Mr. Morgan,” which was, of course, an applause hit. Her whole act went very well, and her talent was appreciated.

Reed Birds

mins. C.D.F. in 3. Three men and three women, in a new comedy skit “Dodging the Dodges.” It is very talky, but contains plenty of action. It seemed to please, but is probably on a little too late. If on earlier it would probably go better. The wind-up is very good. Good act.

Goldsmith & Hoppe

18 mins. C.D.F. in 2 ½, close in one. Two men, musical comedians, one working straight, one as Hebrew. Fair musical and talking act for the three-a-day section. Cut out: “Looking all over hell for you,” in the story of the five dollar bill. They should have known better than to spring it. The musical part of their act is good.

Three Madcaps

11 mins. Pal. in 4. Three girls, acrobatic dancers. They opened with a song that didn’t go very well – the fault of the voices. Their acrobatic work is pleasing, but in no way out of the ordinary. A fair little act for the three show section.

Murphy & Nolen

15 mins. in one. Two men, on of the old style Irish team acts. Their first three songs went well. They have a burlesque argument on the stage that is of questionable quality. Some of the audience liked their talk, but the team should stick to singing parodies. All right for three-a-day section.

Le Page

12 mins. Gar. in 3. Barrel jumper, assisted by a very pretty and becomingly gowned woman. A very good jumping act, expecially for the three-a-day section. He introduced some new and interesting feats in trick jumping that commanded the closest attention.

John D.

15 mins. in one. Monologue; had a very hard place on the bill, and worked frantically for applause. On a cool day, with a good house, he would have done well. Good.

Edmund Day & Co.

25 mins. Spec. set. Two men and a woman, in “Shipmates.” Went very well, holding the closest attention throughout. Very good.

Le Roy & Woodford

15 mins. in one. Man and woman, cross-fire talking act. Some of the talk is interesting, but the audience could see it only at long intervals. Most of the stuff has been heard here before. Their work created very little interest. They put the show back to where it was before the musical act and the dogs.

Merian’s Dogs

10 mins. Spec. set. Doing a shot ten minute pantomime skit. Their drops looked very bad in comparison with our own scenery, which had to be used to mask with. Act received liberal applause.