Klein, OTT Bros. & Nicholson

18 mins. C.D.F. in 3, close in one. Four men, well known musical act. Up to this time the only act on the bull that could demand five consecutive minutes’ attention. Food musical act. Received deserved applause.

McIntyre & Rice

15 mins. in one. Man and woman, sketch, “Brannigan an the Leading Lady.” A cross-fire talking act. Received a few laughs at intervals, but the audience seemed chilled, and a great many of their jokes went by without noise. They use burlesque show methods. Received absolutely no applause at close.

Mr. & Mrs. Allison

18 mins. C.D.F. in 3. Man and woman, comedy sketch “Minnie from Minnesota.” The woman cleverly portrays a Swede character part. The man sings two songs acceptably. Woman’s work carries the act. Can be classed as good.

Green & Wiggin

15 mins. C.D.F. in 3. Close in one. Two men, comedians. One does trick juggling; the other crayon work and a few card tricks. Good act for the three-a-day section.

Rado & Bertman

15 mins. C.D.F. in 3. Close in one. Man and woman, comedy sketch, entitled “The New Girl.” Girl does character work, making three changes. Man is a contortionist, working in regular business suit. Fair for three-a-day section.

The Helstons

15 mins. Open in one. Gar. in 2. Close in one. Boy and girl, a little dancing, hand balancing and acrobatic work. Serves to fill in some time, and that’s about all. They worked hard enough, but couldn’t seem to do more than just about get by, with the faintest courtesy applause.

Holden & Florence

15 mins. Spec. set. Man and woman, singing and talking sketch, “The Fairy of Killarney.” The talk and the “comedy” could be better. The singing is only fair. If the man was ever a member of the Castle Sq. Opera Co., he does nothing to show it. The act is just a fair three-a-day act, and that’s all.

Aerial Shaws

12 mins. Gar. in 4. Man and woman, working on the double swinging trapeze. Good little sight act for the early bill. Received applause in spots, and on the whole their work proved satisfactory.


15 mins. C.D.F. Close in one. Magician. Good little act. He works too much in the audience, where the balcony and gallery can’t see. No harm for an opener. Guess from his talk he has not played the Keith circuit many times. He will be trimmed some.