The Rube and the Living Pumpkin

It is an acrobatic specialty, prettily set with a back drop representing a pumpkin field, although a pumpkin here and there on the painted scene resembles a large sized tomato. Mr. Sutton as a bucolic youth is a lively acrobat, but depending more on his ground tumbling. Miss Sutton, good looking and becomingly dressed in tights, is an out and out contortionist.
She makes no secret of it, and there is no necessity to, for the young woman is one of the very few feminine twisters who can contort and still retain the appearance of her sex. "The Living Pumpkin" is rather a well worked bit of business. The girl doubles herself up in what looks like a very small compartment hollowed out in a well made "prop" pumpkin, which is rolled upon the stage from the wings.
The act in its wav is a verv nice number. In the olio it is receiving a great deal of applause, and is probably a featured card on the smaller time.
Variety 10:3 (10/19/1907)