Page? Hack & Mack

“Wait For The Finish” — two men and a woman; pantomic comedy equilibrists. Very neat appearances; this act went over very big. 9 min. full stage.

Wilson and Larson

Their acrobatics and tumbling stood out above everything else. That by name consisting of a song, dance and some talk pointed toward comedy, but which left something open. The boys might leave in the first two incidents, but the final bit should go, as it slows down the turn to sluggishness and spoils what would otherwise be a corking fast tumbling turn. The announcing that one of the team about to do two complete somersaults from the floor to the floor kidding about it to the effect of supposedly accomplishing the double turn off the stage may be all right, but how many in the audience realize what a tough one that is to do? Only know of one boy – name forgotten – whoever did that particular stunt, and he nightly tied up a Sunday show at the Columbia in 18 different knots after doing it.

Rice and Elmer

Rice and Elmer, both in comedy make-up, monkeyed around on triple bars and a trampoline, sometimes getting a laugh in their routine, but depending altogether on an exceptional comedy finish, each man getting into the other man’s arms to do a semi tumble, each man taking his turn to be on his legs, while the other man’s feet were up in the air.  

Little Pippifax

[New Act] Comedy Acrobatic, 10 mins; full stage. Although there is but one man billed, there are two in this act. It is one of those straight-and-clown acrobatic turns along the lines of the old Rice and Prevost act. The clown does a flock of falls all the place, while the straight offers a number of stereotyped turns and twists. It is a small-time opening act.

Menetti and Sedelli

Menetti and Sedelli, comedy acrobats, opened the show in place of the programmed Mlle Nana. The comic of the pair wore spectacles or at least the shell rims. He pulled many nervy falls, topping them off with a somersault, landing flat on his back. This man also did the table fall at the close.

Buck and Bubbles

Nat Nazarro was doing well enough with his hand-to-hand feats until the two colored boys. Buck and Bubbles, showed, following which they proceeded to tie matters in a knot with their all-around clowning. On for half an hour there was never a let down, and with the finish of one more balancing bit the act was accorded a reception that took them up to the high mark for the evenings festivities.  

Lea Carle and Dolly Inez

Another big hit was scored by Lea Carle and Dolly Inez, They get laughs from the start with a nifty talk arrangement finishing with steel guitar playing by the woman and the man’s nifty acrobatic.  

Blanson and Edwards

Blanson and Edwards closed with a line of familiar but sure fire silent clowning that kept the laughs booming like the surf down at Coney from the moment they appeared until they had run through their travesty acrobatic routine with the concealed wire.

Hall, Levan and Miller

The show was opened by Hall, Levan and Miller, a three-man tumbling act with one of them, apparently Levan doing black-face comedy. They mix straight tumbling with a lot of comedy falls and neck spins.

Jack La Vier

Jack La Vier opened. The reviewer missed the turn at the matinee, but the house manager reported that La Vier amused and scored far beyond general results in that position. La Vier has always impressed here.