The Pianophiends

Eighteen hands tearing off ragtime on five men make up the act.
The men sang agreeably, but were given only half a chance.
All of them are accomplished pianists and the selections involving all the instruments were impressive, to say the least. Their work and preparation that might be practiced with profit by other producers. In addition to their musical talents four of the young men and the girls make up a first rate dancing and singing octet, which dresses and works in pretty close simulation of the Floradora sextet. Two of the girls, Gladys Lockwood and Audrey Maple, have little specialties, the latter with a song and the former with the “Gibson Girl” number and “I'd Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, Bill” which served as the finish. A pretty little dance went with this and Miss Lpckwood displayed a grace and cleverness at this sort of work that should carry her to place and prosperity.
The act is full of novelty, keeps the stage busy from start to finish, and does not permit attention to lag for a second. It looks like another Lasky-Rolfe winner. Lewis Hooper is credit by the program with having put the number on.
Variety 5:4 (05/25/1907)