Olga Petrova

The act was sixteen minutes long. Olga Petrova formerly performed at the Folies Bergere music hall, where she failed to gain any popularity. Jesse Lasky has taken her under his wing and helped her craft this new singing and recitation act. She opens with a double-voiced song in a strong accent. She then does a semi-recitation number in which she imitates animals. This is succeeded by a performance of a dramatic scene from “Sapho”. Her encore was a French version of “Oh, You Beautiful Doll”.
"My Hero"; "Expressions"; "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" (French Translation)
"Monday night she was easily the applause hit of a bill replete with excellent acts."
Petrova has become one of the classiest and cleverest "singles" on vaudeville. It is not so much what she does as how she does it that makes her act so unique. She has an interesting way of bowing to the audience after each number that put her in good standing.
Variety 26:5 (06/04/1912)