R.A.G. Trio

Three young men, presenting songs, piano and banjo work. A little quiet at first, but rapidly improved into a corking good finish. Thoroughly O.K. Olio in one, 14 minutes.

Haviland & Thornton

Man and woman presenting a comedy trifle, “A Question of Policy”. Entertaining throughout, keen appreciation, genuine laughs and good finish. Garden in five. 22 minutes.

Edna Luby

Mimetic Comedienne, introducing a series of impersonation. The young lady had a hard time and it was a battle all the way through. She had to force herself from song to song and it looked bad for her from the beginning. Finally picked up a trifle and just got by. Olio in one, 21 minutes.

Swan & Bambard

Well-known eccentric comedians who scored throughout and finished strong. Landscape in four, 12 minutes.

Handers & Milliss

Eccentric dancers and pianists. Made an excellent impression. Introduced single and duo dancing numbers, alternating with piano, each playing for the other. Very well received with strong finish. Palace in one. 7 minutes.

Romance of the Underworld

Melodramatic play, in three scenes, 45 min. in all. First and third scenes F.S., second scene four minutes in one. Plenty of time to strike the first scene and set the third without the use of extra stage hands, which the advance prep list called for. The action produces alternately tears and laughter. A big act, well staged, and well presented by an unusually large number of men and women. Went very big.

Ray L. Boyce

Character sketches. 15 minutes in one. Mr Boyce has nothing new—his characters are the same, in all respects, as is his act here two or three seasons ago. Some new material would help. Still the act went big, and closed very strong.


Diving. Second week. 21 minutes F.S. Same act as last week, with a few new swimming stunts added went big.

Lillian Schreiber

Songs. 11 minutes in One. Miss Schreiber is a tiny mite of humanity, very cute, petite, with a pesky voice and childish appearance and manners. Sings three songs, the first, is a little girl’s frock, second, in a military costume, third, in a rosie costume. Went good. A novelty.

Amoros Sisters

A decidedly novel singing, dancing and acrobatic act. Works in full stage. While not the kind of an act with which to close the show, nevertheless they got by with it this afternoon in mighty good shape.