Morton, Temple and Morton

Harry Thompson was easily the comedy hit of the show. He reminds one somewhat of Frank Bush in his excellent command of several dialects. His stories are new and pointed and there is a pleasing quality of kindly humor about all his work. He indulges not a little in "kidding," but this is entertaining and entirely without offense. His New York stories were delightful and the closing yarn in which he pictured the emotions of two Irishmen who had wandered into a Yiddish theatre by mistake was greeted with solid and spontaneous laughter.
The acrobatic and comedy sketch of the trio is almost without a redeeming grace. The acrobatics were simple and not too well executed, the talk was utterly vain and pointless and the comedy an unmitigated bore. The talk could all be dropped with profit and the best the outfit could do would be to depend upon faster acrobatics with a dash of knockabout. Their present efforts will never bring them anywhere in polite vaudeville.
Variety 7:4 (07/27/1907)