Models DeLuxe

This living picture act is different from the others. In the center is a large ten foot gold frame which reproduces the frame. On either side of the frame is a marble statue. The act starts with the paintings, the lights are gradually dimmed out until they die. Immediately the statuary subjects assume light.
Special music is rendered for each picture.
Among the subjects were "The Artist's Model," "Ruth in the Wheat Field," "Nature's Mirror," "In The Valley," "The Color Bearer," "Marguerite," "The Nymphs Wooing" and "Washington Crossing the Delaware." There were sixteen reproductions in total. The act is continuous; no waits means that the audience always has something to look at. The model crew was made up of five girls and two men.
Each picture was applauded.
The act was new and novel, a decided hit.
Variety 24:13 (12/02/1911)