George H. Wood

He is working in white face this week on account of two other black face acts being on the bill. Act is going very strong. His stuff is good and for the most part new and is well delivered. One of the hits of the show. 28 min. in one.

George Primrose and Foley Brothers

In their black face dancing specialty. Use their own watermelon drop. Act is going very well indeed. Primrose gets a strong reception at each performance and the audience are loath to let him go. He is obliged to make a speech at nearly every show. 14 min. F.S.

Collins and Hart

Comedy acrobats. This is the first time here for this act, and it is going very strong. The portion of the act in which they use the invisible wire is well done and made a decided hit. 16 mins. F.S. open half minutes in one.

Pat Rooney and Emma Francis

This is about the liveliest dancing act that I have played. While the price I am paying them is somewhat excessively I consider it a splendid vaudeville act. They are going very strong, 12 minutes in F.S. close 2 min. in one if necessary.  

Henderson and Ross

A man and woman presenting a little rural comedy sketch, introducing a bounding rope act by the man. Act is good and is going well indeed. Comedy is not bad and woman is a fair singer. 12 minutes. F. S.

McCann Family

Consisting of father, little boy and girl. The children open the act in character song as street urchins, then go to a line of talk with the father, who appears as an old Irishman. While their material is not particularly new, the children are quite clever. Their dancing is exceptionally good and the act is going well here, and can be classed as a good one in the early part of the bill. 19 mins in 2 and four minutes in one.

Hal Davis, Inez Macauley and Co.

Presenting the playlet entitled “Pals.” Five people are carried for the production of this sketch also every piece of scenery, accessory and “prop.” It might be classed as a “comedy-melodrama” for it opens in a light, breezy way and closes with an altercation between the two principal male characters, during the progress of which they break mirrors, incandescent globes and other perishable furniture. The melee culminates by the men fighting on the stairs (the interior being a palace arch) which fall with a crash. The audience of this house, which will compare intellectually with any in country, have been very demonstrative in their approval of the act. 21 minutes in 2.

McMahon’s Watermelon Girls

Composed of eight women and two men. They are all good dancers and singers and work exceedingly well together. Several changes of costume are made and all of the scenery that is used in the act is carried for the production. The turn is a splendid one and worthy of being the feature of any bill. 11 minutes full stage.

Hampton and Co.

Presenting the skit entitled “The Melodrama.” One of the best things in the one-act vehicle line that is being offered to the public. Miss Hampton is being supported by two men, one of whom is an A1 violinist. The acting of both the star and her support is all that the most critical could desire. A big hit. 27 minutes full stage.

Mr. Wynne Winslow

A soprano singer who has a fairly good voice, dresses well, is shapely and rather pretty. With these points in her favor it is difficult to reason why she does not go bigger than she does in this house, unless it is that she lacks personal magnetism and has a repertoire of song members that is not up to the standard. 9 minutes in 1.