Mlle. Alexander and Mons. Bertie

the act works on a ladder balanced on a trapeze, Mlle. Alexander maintaining the equilibrium while Bertie goes through a series of tricks, the best of which is while hanging by one foot to the bar, he undresses to tights, his partner stripping down at the same time, both having made their entrance in evening dress.
For the finish, a rope descent is made by the woman, holding the man at arm's length, he giving the usual exhibition in this position. It is different from the others, and while not a large offering in any sense, makes a nice opening act that is appreciated.
It will surprise anyone who has seen two (who look the same age) to know that Mlle. Alexander is the mother of Mons. Bertie and the wife of Vasco. The two acts travel together.
Variety 4:2 (04/13/1907)