Marie Fenton

"Back Home in Tennessee," 'Little Old Ford Rambled Right Along" and "When I Leave the World Behind."
Miss Fenton is looking better than ever and with "clothes," she is on the right track at the present time to make herself better known as a single. Her four numbers excepting the last, "Little Old Ford Rambled Right Along," are well suited to her. The closing number is well handled but it is not new and the Ford thing is pretty well passe in any style now. The black and silver dress, however, is enough to put any song over. It is fairly bewitching. In fact all of this young woman's clothes are artistic. For an opening she had "Back Home in Tennessee," a number fast growing in popularity. A comic follows with the necessary catch line to get over with wide awake audiences. For a ballad Miss Fenton is using "When I Leave the World Behind." It is one of the act's strong points and brings the girl big returns.
Variety, 40:2 (09/10/1915)