Scott & Keane

15 min. This is another one of Miss Scott’s writings and one of her very best. It forms an excellent little playlet which held closest attention from start to finish and was accorded enough applause to register it an emphatic success.

Myrl and Delmar

“Over the Garden Gate.” 8 minutes f.s. Special set. Hand-balancing feats performed in midair and on a trellis-work in a bower of flowers. One of the very best acts of the kind. Could go in the middle of a show.

Bud Fisher

19 minutes in two. Special drop. Closes with picture sheet in one. Fisher’s only new stunt in an animated moving picture cartoon of “Mutt and Jeff.” His drawings are the same that he has presented here twice before.

Marlo and Duffy

8 minutes f.s. Garden scene. A very good bar not with a sensational loop-the-loop stunt that made a great opener. Could close a show.

Jos. N. Togan & Isabelle Geneva

Wire act, 9 minutes, full stage. Very good act, their feats on the wire being the greatest exhibition of this kind ever presented here. Audience was attentive and pleased throughout as evidenced by the applause.

Bancroft & Broske

20 min. This man and woman gained a lot of popularity in the principal roles of “Oh! Oh! Delphine.” Their vaudeville offering consists of popular songs. They sang several numbers and Bancroft introduced a recitation. They have a classy act and were very well received. As an encore bit, they did an old-fashioned cakewalk in costume which brought them additional reward.

Beatrice Herford

23 min. Society’s exclusive entertainer. She did three numbers, all of them different from what she presented the last time she was here, each of them rendered in her inimitable style and scoring a solid hit. At the finish, the audience applauded her for several minutes.

“Passion Play of Washington Square”

17 min. A sketch played by five people including Alma Tell in the principal role. It is a splendidly written play around an entirely new theme with a surprise finish. There is plenty of comedy lines which kept the audience amused and the finish is so cleverly concealed as to keep those in front in doubt right up to the finish. It held close attention and was liberally applauded. This was Alma Tell’s first appearance in the principal role and she gave a very excellent performance.

Mabel Berra

14 min. A very excellent offering for levers of high-class vocal music. Sang five numbers, all operatic except one, a semi-comedy number, and scored with each. Made three changes of costume, wearing some handsome gowns. She was much appreciated and finished to a strong hand.

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wilde

13 min. Shadowgraphists. A really wonderful exhibition of pictures thrown on a screen with hands. The man secures some wonderful silhouette likenesses of well known celebrities and some comedy pictures which kept the audience applauding and highly amused. The best act of its kind we have seen.