Josephine Brown

In a yellow dress and broad brimmed hat, Miss Brown wins her audience on looks before commencing to sing in a not overstrong voice.
She opens with “I'm Sorry,” renders “The Moon Has His Eyes on You” on the violin, and again sings “Little Girl, It's Up to You” in the full stage for the close, with a well made up owl perched on the limb of a tree.
Looking extremely pretty, nearly handsome in fact, on the stage, Miss Brown is singing two songs and playing another one on the violin at Pastor's this week, her first appearance in New York vaudeville.
This is a rather good number for “business” and Miss Brown handled it capably. When the “owl” descended for a dance with her at the finale it earned the young woman two recalls. It might be as well for Josephine to leave her violin at home and look up two good comic songs, which with her present finish will give her a better act.
Variety 4:3 (04/20/1907)