Jeanette Denarber

While Mlle. Denarber takes up time changing, Hansi Hanke, at the piano, introduces his celebrated left-handed piano solo. He has made a hit of this trick during his many accompaniments.
Her work is clean, although what the lyrics of her songs tell is only known by those who understand French. She sings three songs, two of which in handsome soubret skirts of the latest Parisian cut. She does her third selection as a boy. She is a conventional male impersonator. She has been taught a few English words, just enough to whet the pleasure of the house to be "kidded."
She is gaining quite a following despite being a foreigner.She is greeted with a grand reception when her card is held up.
Mlle. Denarber, a French soubret with a young, vivacious and pleasing presence, is a pocket edition of Fougere, as Fougere was 15 years ago. She does exceptionally well, without the danger of being pushed hard for honors.
Variety 22:9 (05/06/1911)