Celia Galley

Celia Galley is a Frenchwoman, speaking and singing her mother tongue while impersonating Oteo, Bernhardt, Rejane and Yvette Guilbert. Miss Galley looks well, is vivacious has personality, and in her imitation of “A Chanteuse Excentrique” displayed a liveliness sufficient to carry it without an “impersonation” label.
Her New York appearance seemed to attract fellow countrymen, and from them applause was loud and hearty, although not voluminous.
The handicap of employing a language not universally understood is against her, also taking for her studies French actresses not fully known to vaudeville or most of its patrons. If Miss Galley finds it convenient and possible, she might copy a few familiars in Broadway plays, when the mannerisms would be recognized at least. Imitation of legitimate acting is not wanted in vaudeville; that may be safely entrusted to the care of James Russell, Harry LeClair and others with a travesty bent.
Variety 6:2 (06/08/1907)