Burning to Sing

R. H. Burnside wrote the lyrics, Gustave Kerker the music, and Frank Mandeville personally conducting the orchestra. The story is told in words and music.
Due to the smallness of the stage at Keeney's where “Burning to Sing” is being presented for the first time with the present cast, this week, the full stage equipment, including electrical effect, could not be shown.
Although a hotel is reported on fire, the grand opera singers occupying a suite decline to leave even while the walls are falling in.
The Brooklyn audience liked it very much, taking to the singing readily.
Miss Worden is the weakest of the quintet composing the cast. Her enunciation for one thing is so indistinct as to cloud the story at the opening, and her voice does not seem strong or full at any time. On a properly sized stage, with everything in order, the scenic results will probably be improved; they need to be from the Keeney showing, but Miss Worden must help herself and sketch if it is to be the hit it should.
Variety 2:2 (02/09/1907)