Louise Gunning

Louise Gunning, the light opera prima donna, next offered five selections. She had her leader to thank for receiving an encore call. The Palace audience was passing her up after the operatic selection and were ready to let her pass on when the leader pulled up the tempo of the men in the pit and secured enough for the closing selection. It was “Mighty Lak a Rose,” and it is by far the best suited to her voice of anything in the repertoire offered.

Edna Showalter

Edna Showalter, billed as “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” entered quietly, sang a couple of operatic arias then accompanied herself on the piano for a few more and then left just as quietly as she entered.  

Diana Bonner

Diana Bonner, breezed on the stage gorgeously gowned, displayed mush class and an excellent voice. Miss Bonner opened with an operatic selection which scored. She resembles and assumes many of the mannerisms of Grace LaRue.

The Royal Italian Sextette

The Royal Italian Sextette, two girls and four men, went over well, singing bits of operatic selection and a couple of popular ballads.

Pierce & Roslyn

(Evening Performance) Toreador operatic artists. Substituted for the above for evening performance only. These people were quite a surprise. Man and woman both of whom have good voices, the former an exceptional deep baritone, of commanding figure and good presence. The woman is also an exceptional pianist. They are now to the East, but their Western recommendations are very satisfactory and they lived up to them in their work here. Make three changes of costume, all of them very striking—Spanish, North American Indian and full evening dress. Their line of talk is fairly good, but they infuse so much life and ginger into their vocal work that they get good applause for everything they do. This act could hold a good spot on any bill. Ran twenty-one minutes, and could be improved by being cut down to about eighteen. These people should be given an opportunity as they are well worthy of big time consideration.

Charlies Olcott

“A Comic Opera in Ten Minutes.” In a capable manner he gives a ludicrous and entertaining impersonation of the different characters in comic opera. Uses the piano. In one.

The Espositos

Singing act in one. special drop. Grand Opera selections, good costumes 10 minutes went very well.

Mme. Adelaide Norwood

Prima donna soprano. To say that Mme. Norwood made a hit would be to put most mildly. The applause was simply terrific and I didn’t expect much from the afternoon crowd with our popular price balcony, but both balconies “ate it alive.” At the night show she would be a sensation. 12 Min. in One.


20 minutes. We made an innovation here to-day with the Daylight picture, giving scenes from Il Trovatore with the orchestrate playing the music for each scene. We had an special orchestration made, and it proved quite a novelty and got a hand at the finish.