Buckner, on his reappearance in America, so the program says, carries “2,000 pounds of elegant nickel-plated apparatus.” This is easily believed. The stage is filled wit paraphernalia, and a good deal of time is occupied with putting it into position. One effect of this is that it makes each separate feat of the rider appear as a feature, and the fitting of stage furniture helps a little in working up the tricks.
A long shoot down and inclined ladder and a quick stop at the edge of the o. p. Box made a “thriller.” A dash over a short bridge into the aisle and back made the audience pay attention. A bit of comedy here and there in the hands of an assistant gave variety. The same assistant made the comedy finish possible. The performance of jumping over the prone bodies of six stage hands would otherwise have been a tame procedure, following the more spectacular feats that went before.
Variety 5:3 (05/18/1907)