Dupree & Dupree

8 min. f.s., Man and woman in a very good routine of “cycling.” Closed the show well.

Three Martelles

[New Act] Cycling gymnasts, 9 mins; full. Two men working straight and a comedian offering a corking cycling and gymnastic routine. The boys open working three of the high-boys, this followed, by the two straights doing a hand to had on one of high ones. A bit of comedy follows with a large wagon wheel. A waltz by the straights on unicycles was an applause hit. Head to head balancing on a high one was the closing bit which brought applause, it is worthy of the opening spot on the better bills.

Sinclair and Gray

The vaudeville is opened by Sinclair and Gray, a couple of attractive girls on bicycles in full stage, who precede their bicycle stunts with a sing in “one.” Though possessing pleasing voices, it is the work on the bicycles that counts for a nice hand.  

Dupree and Dupree

7 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Drop). Opening the show a man and a woman show something new and neat in a cycling act. Single wheels, both high and low, are used, the man riding as sort of an understander. He displays extraordinary skill in balancing. The neatness and good looks of both make the turn a dandy opening one of any bill.

Walter Ward and Ethel Dooley

Walter Ward and Ethel Dooley, in “What We Can Do,” doing just about everything, closed. They open in “one” with a song of introduction, then go to full stage, where a very pretty special setting is employed. They do some fast and snappy clever stunts on the bicycle then do some rope whirling. Ward imitates Fred Stone and Will Rogers with several interpolated gags. The pair finished with a whirlwind dance that put ‘em off to a hefty hand. Miss Dooley makes three very pretty changes, one for each number. Held 100 percent of the crowd in. They were recently at the Palace and proved that big time caliber always shows whether playing big or small time.  

The Hoffman Trio

The Hoffman Trio followed with a fast comedy cycling turn. All of the showy cycle trio formations, with one or two given a novelty twist, were run through in jig time, with an appreciative applause return at the finish.  

Lalia Selbini and Nagle

Lalia Selbini and Nagle (New Acts) looks like a new frame-up for the queen of the bike, who looks just as shapely as of yore, and who certainly appealed to a trio of old boys who looked as though they have been drummer boys in ’76. But at that Nagle’s cat stuff looked good to them, too.

Lorimer, Hudson and Co.

Lorimer, Hudson and Co. closed with a comedy cycling act. The comedian of the turn is wearing a very mussy facial make-up, which calls for cleaning up. The regulation cycle tricks are capably done by the troupe of four.

Lorimer Hudson and Co.

Lorimer Hudson and Co., a comedy and trick bicycle riding combo, took full advantage of the third hole and registered solidly. It is a two-men and two-woman arrangement with one of the males doing a tramp. Barring a Joe Jackson entrance he used a routine of material pantomime and trick riding and hung up the hit of the act on an elevated wheel with some clever turns and twists. It’s one of the best acts of its kind. This act was programmed to close the show but was programmed to close the show but was switched after the Monday shows.  

Jim and Myrtle Dunedin

Jim and Myrtle Dunedin proved themselves to be as good as the average small time opening turn and had no trouble keeping them interested in that spot. The sister part of the act opens in “one” with a “jazz” number before going to full stage with their bicycle routine.