Eddie Foy and Younger Foys

Special in two. 18 minutes in his 1922 Review. Eddie does a little less than usual this year, and the children a little more, which everything considered is a good thing.

Wm. Ebs and Co.

The novelty ventriloquist. Special in two and olio in one. 12 minutes. Ebs springs a very clever surprise on this visit, and adds to the good impression which he made on former visits.

Thomas E. Shea & Co.

Library in three. 32 minutes. In his well-known act, “Spotlights.” Fully as well, if not a little better on this visit.

Joe Robetts

Banjoist. 12 minutes in one. This chap can certainly play the banjo. His imitation of two banjos is particularly a decided hit

Splendid and Partner

6 minutes in four. Man and woman roller skaters on table. Clever work, especially the man, who does a difficult neck swing with his partner for finish.

The Alexanders and John Smith

The man does some wonderful juggling with Cook working all through the act, duplicating some of the most different feats, while burlesquing others and clowning generally.

Joe Cook

“A One Man Vaudeville Show”.  Olio in one; wood; special and olio. 39 minutes. Cook at his best. He does everything and then some, and most of the stunts surprisingly well done. About the hardest working man on Vaudeville stage. A decided hit.

Madeline Collins

Prima Donna. 12 minutes in two and one. Miss Collins just made the show after a long jump from Syracuse. She was a decided hit. She has a coloratura soprano voice which she uses in a very artistic manner.

Pen Pierce and Lee Ryan

Street in one. 14 minutes in “D’yer Wanna Fight”. Two men, young and old man type. Some good dancing and clowning particularly by the elder.